About CambodiaMe

The word Cambodia is most frequently used as a noun, as in the Kingdom of Cambodia, the country located in the southern part of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Here we use it as a verb. Cambodia:To be affected by Cambodia. As such, this website isn't about the "me" that lives in Cambodia as opposed to the "me" that lived in Australia, but about the Cambodia that affects the "me" that lives here.

On top of all that geekery, that "me" is actually an us. We are Lee and Mel, an early thirties couple that have finally managed to escape from the web of entanglement that is the western world, and with our newfound freedom we did something that has been in the making for over a decade. We moved to Southeast Asia.

CambodiaMe is part diary, part trip report, and part how-to. Hopefully it's interesting and entertaining, perhaps even useful. For now it's mostly personal reflections, but as we settle we plan to turn our focus to others by way of reviews, observations, and hopefully a few interviews too. So stick around. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter. We'll be updating often!

About Lee

Lee is a photographer, writer, web designer, and coder who has lived most of his life in Sydney, Australia. For the last five years photography has taken over writing as his predominate expression. You can see his work at

Lee has dreamed of living in Southeast Asia since his first trip to Thailand in 2004. Although the conservative nature of Cambodian culture means a shift in the specifics of his expression, he is looking forward to finding out how his photography evolves, and spending more time reading and writing.

About Mel

Mel is a dancer, pole artist, yoga enthusiast, and writer from Sydney, Australia. You can read about her dance training, choreography, and performances on her blog, and watch videos of her performances.

For the last 10 years, Mel has worked as an early childhood educator in Sydney, sharing her passion for art, creativity, health, fitness, and environmental awareness with families and children in her care. The last five years have seen Mel focus on self expression, creativity, and quality of living, all factors that have lead up to the moment of leaving her career and seeking a new path with her husband Lee.

Mel strongly believes in finding inspiration for her art in her life, seeking a rich and fulfilling experience through travel, cultural exchange, and interactions with a variety of people.


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