A Conversation Between My Head and My Heart

We arrived in Phnom Penh the night before last, a long day of airports and transit lounges finally reaching a climax as we stepped into our first tuktuk. Swept away by the sensory delight of driving through the rainy streets, Lee and I both found bliss in the smells, lights, and sounds of our new home.

Our new home. Photo © Lee Nutter.

"I'm so glad to finally be here" I hear Lee say.

The look on his face is utter contentment, and sparks a conscious check in of my own feelings.

"What the hell are you doing here?""This is magic""Are you really going to live here?""I love this place!"

After lunch today, a superb meal of local fish and vegetables, I lay on the bed revisiting this conversation. Emerging with a grin, I am filled with joy that Lee and I are finally here. Months of planning and years of dreaming, and we having finally landed in our own paradise.

Our arrival coincides with Pchum Ben Day, a time where Cambodian people remember the dead and make offerings. I wonder if there are correlations with the meaning of the festival and our own circumstances. A time where my head and my heart can share a moment together, reflecting on the letting go of our lives in Sydney, and the new life that is beginning here.

Watching the children and people celebrate the festival, blowing bubbles in the park, sharing food on picnic blankets, relishing in the breeze on the riverside. It all feels welcoming. I look forward to being more involved with Pchum Ben next year, with more of an understanding of the Khmer culture and tradition, and the knowledge that it marks our own arrival in Phnom Penh, our own celebration of the past and the present.

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